Sell or Trade Your Car in Rocky Mount, NC


If your current vehicle is still in good shape, we want to buy it! Sell us your car for a great price at Rick Davenport Auto Sales in Rocky Mount, NC.

Get the Most for Your Car at Rick Davenport Auto Sales

There's no better place to sell or trade your car than Rick Davenport Auto Sales in Rocky Mount. Our qualified experts will work to get you the best possible price on your vehicle so that you can go home with the cash or car you need. Call the dealership and speak to one of our experts at your convenience or fill out our online value calculator from home. In just 24 hours, our vehicle experts will get back to you with a competitive price for your vehicle. Now that's service!

Why Sell Your Vehicle to Rick Davenport? 

Since most shoppers prefer the comfort of a car dealership, selling a car on your own can end up being more work than you anticipate. From setting a price and finding a buyer, to filling out paperwork and transferring the title, it's a hassle. The bottom line is, selling a car on your own can take weeks or even months. However, at Rick Davenport Auto Sales, our customer service-oriented sales team will make the entire process quick and easy. Even if you're not planning on buying a pre-owned car from Rick Davenport, our service-oriented experts will work to get you a great price so you can go home with money in your bank account and peace of mind.

On the other hand, if you are looking to trade your vehicle in for a used upgrade, Rick Davenport Auto Sales is the place to do it. Our entire inventory of pre-owned vehicles has been freshly serviced and certified by our service technicians, and each vehicle comes with a 3-month/3,000 mile powertrain warranty. That means regardless of what you choose to drive home in you'll know you're behind the wheel of a quality vehicle with plenty of miles left. Save the hassle of paperwork for our capable staff and make your selling experience a quick and easy one. Contact Rick Davenport Auto Sales today about valuing your current vehicle.